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Price $23.16
Category Puzzles
Brand Puzzled
Model 49-42033-P
Manufacturer Part Number 49-42033-P
Color Multicolor
Assembled Product Weight 95 Pounds

About This Extender

This Click-and-Go Acura MDX seat belt extender buckles right into the existing seat belt.

Seat Belt Extender Pros is known for industry-leading expertise, the widest selection of extenders, an uncompromising focus on quality, and a complete devotion to customer happiness. They are recognized as the #1 seat belt extension brand worldwide with a decade of experience and an extensive knowledge-base to be partners in your search for the most likely fitting safety belt extender.

All Seat Belt Extender Pros extensions are E4 Safety Certified, but many extenders in online marketplaces are not. Make the right choice, and protect yourself and your loved ones with the best products.

Regular extenders are made of a similar floppy seat belt webbing material as the seat belts in your car. Rigid extenders stand upright when buckled into the receptacle.

If you don't see the style or variation you want, Seat Belt Extender Pros offers additional color, length and style options.

Choosing Extenders

This extender is the most likely fit for the exact vehicle in the title and options of this listing, and it refers only to the exact make, model, year and seat specified for cars purchased in the U.S. Different seats in a vehicle may have different seat belts, and seat belts in the same car model may vary by year and country. Only purchase and use this listing if the car where you intend to use the extender matches exactly. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help.

The easiest way to shop for an extender is searching by your vehicle in our Walmart store or directly with Seat Belt Extender Pros. We're delighted to help you buckle in and bring a smile to your journeys!

Use the shortest length necessary to buckle up. Extender lengths represent the approximate amount of additional length when the extender is buckled in. All images are copyrighted stock photos that may differ in appearance slightly from what you receive.