General Purpose Motor, Dayton, 2MXT4

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Brand Dayton
Compatible Brand: Honda Position: Rear Sprocket teeth number: 45 Chain number: 520 Material: Steel Number: 004067To make sure to buy the desired gear, you can consult the application chart gears in the catalog Kimpex ATV & UTV or catalog Kimpex Motorcycle, located at the Chains and Sprockets section.How to read the sprocket Charts?1. Select desired model from the application chart referring to the Make, Model, Year column.2. Stock size gearing of desired model is listed in column OEM Gearing.3. All sprockets listed between top and bottom division lines fit selected model. Simply choose preferred ratiofrom selection guide column and than choose desired R.O.C. sprocket from the appropriate column to the right.Additional Information:Gearing selection can affect acceleration, top speed and even handiling.By changine front and rear sprockets you can alter your bike���s or your ATV's final drive ratio, which in part determines when speed for a given rpm. Gearing ratio refers to the ratio of the rear to front sprockets. For example, a stock Suzuki GSXR600 has a 16 tooth front sprocket, and a 45 tooth rear, for a ratio of 45/16, or 2.81. Substituting a larger front or smaller rear sprocket lowers the ratio sometimes called ���taller��� gearing , resulting in more speed for a given engine rpm. Likewise, a smalle front or larger rear sprocket gives less speed for a given rpm ���shorter��� gearing .Performance numbers can be enhanced by sprocket selection to a certain extent, but the overriding factor is your engine���s power and its characteristics. Choosing the correct gearing optimizes your powerband usage, maximizing power delivered to your rear wheel for the given conditions.Speed for a given set of sprockets is determined as follows:Speed = rpm X rear tire circum ...